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How does the rank system work? We do not believe in pay-to win ways of the playing the games. Most of our ranks are only obtainable by grinding in game, more play time gives u access to more ranks! Our store is only a way for people who enjoy our servers to support us. You can buy purely cosmetic ranks, pets and get Quality of life perks for your donation that does not make your gameplay experience easier but makes it more enjoyable to play! This is for everyone that supports Free to play gameplay and wants to stand against Pay-to-win servers. You can gift the rank to your friends as well!
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Long description of the donation service Minecraft (from the English mine — "mine; mine" + craft — "craft; create") is an indie computer game in the sandbox genre created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and released by his company Mojang AB. Persson published the initial version of the game in 2009; at the end of 2011, a stable version for Microsoft Windows PC was released, distributed through the official website. In the following years, Minecraft was ported to Linux and macOS for personal computers; to Android, iOS and Windows Phone for mobile devices; For PlayStation 4, Vita, VR, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Switch and Wii U. In 2014,